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If you've stumbled upon this site, you've probably read or heard something about my novels. Season of the Serpent: Book One and Book Two are currently available on Kindle ebook and paperback. Coming soon to Nook and iBooks. Part contemporary fantasy, part social satire, part metaphysical conspiracy-thriller, chances are it's unlike any other book you've read before.

Yet the story stretches beyond the written pages of a book - it's really a multi-media event. For that reason, I've built this website and will continue to link to other creative sources such as music, films, books, other websites, as well as all the research that went into writing the book. This unfolding experiment will either end when Season of the Serpent: Book Two is published, or if successful, evolve beyond it. Regardless, I hope it surprises, I hope it enlightens, but most of all I hope you enjoy it.

This project actually began with a most unusual multi-media event. In the summer of 1997 I participated in a notorious little phenomenon that ultimately re-wrote this book - I listened to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon while simultaneously watching The Wizard of Oz. Perhaps you've heard of this. You can read about it here or watch it for yourself here. I describe my interpretation in great detail in the prologue of my novel which I am posting here for you to sample. Decide for yourself if the Synchronicity is real or not, but know this - once you become aware of Synchronicity it will often begin to materialize in your own life. Where you go and what you believe after that is entirely up to you...

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BOOK TWO reviewed by author Tahlia Newland

BOOK TWO now available on Kindle and paperback

SOTS:BK1 awarded Honorable Mention for Best Science Fiction at the 2013 New York Book Festival

All ebooks are published without DRM!

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